Sunday, June 5, 2011

stupid you

I feel calm when away from you .. but I know this is just temporary .. later when it is time I would go back there and will live as normal .. maybe today you see me smiling happy but later you will see me smiling full of errors .. I need a life filled with laughter .. I need love not only in the mouth but the heart .. Sometimes I feel very lonely even though you were in front of me .. Because you're always busy with work that there is nothing for me .. but I know you know what you do .. even though we're both still young in the world married .. much more that we need to learn .. we both have their own requirements, but sometimes one must give up .. even though a lot of things that I had to leave .. but I'm pleased because this is all for my daughter ..

You know that I leave this world fun for you .. all the lessons I'd say LETS abandoned .. I seemed to lose all friends .. Malay proverb says "kind of frog under the shell" .. helped me appreciate myself .. because I already can not stand all this .. silence does not mean I like it .. You always remind me when we have problems we have shared together .. but the problem now you have the time to listen to it all ..

to your knowledge, I am a vengeful .. until a later stage I'll make sure you know who the real me laa .. stepping foot as long as you want to taste ..

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